The Workshops

Every Workshop Includes 5-Days of dancing/Sessions (25-45 mins per session), and unlimited access for students in the Gym, Classroom, or at home.

Workshop Color System

SK InterACTIVE Experiences include content for students from K-12. We know that no two groups of students are alike and so we invite you to use the color system below to find the Workshop that best suits the needs of your Learners. Let’s meet your students exactly where they are at and support them in facing challenges and finding success!

yellow Kindergarten - Grade 2
  • The content and the delivery style of our Yellow Workshops have been designed to support younger students. The themes of these workshops focus on inclusivity, working together, and building confidence.
teal Grade 2 to Grade 6
  • The speed and style of our Teal Workshops allows students from Grade 2 all the way through to Grade 6 to find enjoyment. Teal Workshops are perfect for younger students who are ready for more advanced learning and for older students to build upon foundational skills. 
blue Grade 3 to Grade 12
  • Our Blue Workshops are infused with swagger and style. They are perfect for students that are ready to take foundational skills and focus on developing the nuances of style and form. 
red Grade 5 to Grade 12
  • The content and the pace of our Red Workshops are perfect for students that are ready to learn detailed moves and work on developing their own style.  

Workshop Focus


Express your unique self in a way that invites others to join in! This is the world of Hip-Hop Party Moves!

Hip-Hop Dance and Culture has always been about COMMUNITY and expressing your unique self in a way that invites others to join in! The essence of Hip-Hop’s social nature can be found in the Party Moves! “The Cabbage Patch” “The Prep” “The Hype”! In Hip-HopPARTY, students learn that dance is meant to be shared and are asked the question: what do you want to share with your community?

Workshop Overview

InterACTIVE Workshops

Movement Breaks

What do you NEED?

You don't need a time machine to visit the future! Just set up the following in your classroom, gym, or at home:

* A strong WiFi connection is a plus but it is not necessary. If your connection is strong enough to play a YouTube video you’ll be able to play our videos without any trouble!