We Are SoundKreations. This is SK InterACTIVE.

We are SoundKreations, the in-school Workshop specialists that breathe life and relevance into dance and poetry curriculums across the country. For the last 12 Years, our team of Artists, Educators, and Curriculum consultants have had the pleasure of introducing more than 300,000 smiling students to the world of Dance and Poetry.

This is SK InterACTIVE, probably the coolest thing we’ve ever created and the only Interactive Video Dance Workshop on the planet designed specifically for the Education System. 

The Story of SK InterACTIVE

“It took a year of dedication, big ideas, passionate educators, curriculum consultants, and some cutting edge technology, but we emerged with something we’re truly proud of.”
– Jordan Dack, Creative Director

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Our Vision

When we were coming up with the concept for SK InterACTIVE, we chose to rush past “good enough” and instead create something remarkable. With young kids of our own, we were well aware of the state of current video offerings and the distraction marketed as “engagement”. We knew we had to level-up. We didn’t want to base our Virtual Dance Experience on anything that could already be found on a screen. Instead, we would base our Virtual Experience on what we’ve found in the Classroom and then use the medium of video to push those boundaries beyond expectations. 

Engagement not Distraction

In the end, it was a combination of Artists, School Teachers, Administrators, Curriculum Consultants, and the students we’ve worked with for the past 12 years informed our approach to SK InterACTIVE. This is not a YouTube dance channel filled with talking fish and cartoon rocket ships that pull students into another world. On the contrary, we aim to keep students in this world and in their bodies. So although SK InterACTIVE certainly has its share of flash, you will notice that the quantity and timing of this flash is highly intentional and used as virtual “smelling salts” to stimulate the senses and refocus the Learners.

Introducing a Method of Supporting Physical Literacy, Mental Wellness, and an appreciation for the Creative Process that is:





Offers endless opportunities for success

Encourages Collaboration

Appreciates Traditional Art Forms Through Modern Lenses

Fosters Creative Problem Solving

Our Cornerstones

Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, competence, and understanding to value AND take responsibility for your engagement in physical activities.

Mental Health

 Our content, our approach, and our team are focused on the wellness of young people. We provide students with opportunities to connect and build confidence through movement. We weave in themes of inclusivity and collaboration to help students create community and support one another. 

Creative Process

We are committed to helping young people develop innovation skills. Our programs foster creativity and help students to discover their individual style. The world needs innovative leaders. We are here to help. 

Meet Our Team

We are SoundKreations. A team of dancers, innovators, teachers, and mentors that bring contemporary content into the classroom through In-Person and Virtual Experiences. We are Approved Vendors with School Districts across the Country and have the honor of introducing more than 300,000 smiling students to the world of dance and poetry! We’re the in-school dance workshop specialists. Whether it be in the Gym or on the Screen, creating a safe place for students to take risks and succeed is what we do best.

Ty the Entertainer


Ty is an energetic dance instructor, a conscious spoken word poet, improv hip/hop artist and a stand up comedian who hails from the lushest forests of Nova Scotia. Ty believes in the healing power of the arts and is passionate about empowering youth to find their form of expression to align them with their personal truth and individual worth. Ty has experience writing and performing poetry, live music and stand up comedy at festivals, concerts and open mics across the country.



Ajay is a Choreographer who began his journey training with IllFX Company his recent credits include receiving 1st Place at World Of Dance Las Vegas 2019, 1st Place Monsters Santa Clara 2019, Radix Oregon 2018 Top Scoring Jr Hip Hop Choreographer and 1st Place AE Vancouver 2018. Aside from competitive choreography Ajay dedicates his time teaching in-school Hip Hop residency programs to schools across Canada for students from grades K-12! He does so with the sole purpose of spreading the infectious Culture of Hip Hop dance… helping dancers connect to the music which in turn connects us all and allows to share positivity with world surrounding us.



At age 11, Josh McKinnon fell in love with hip hop. From the music, to the dance styles, to the culture itself, hip hop is where he finds himself most at home. Born in Calgary, Josh found his place when he took his first dance class. From there Josh has developed his own original movement by studying and combining foundations from styles such as: Popping, Breaking, House, Animation, and Lite Feet.

Josh has trained under hip hop pioneers such as: The Electric Boogaloos, Sho-Tyme, Mr. YouTube, Chrybaby Cozie, Monsta Pop, and many others. Josh’s performance highlights include: Beakernight 2018, Transcend Vancouver 2018 (Illustrative Society), Mantra Tour Edmonton, and Army of Sass Gatsby. Josh was assistant choreographer for Tribulations, a dance story directed and choreographed by Hannah Joelle. Most recently, he was associate choreographer for Cappuccino Theatre’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, directed by Tory Doctor. Josh is consistently expanding his experience and pushing his artistic boundaries. His passion is to pass down his knowledge of Hip Hop culture to future generations and to aid young artists in unlocking their true potential.



Nicole Pemberton, is Team Leader at SoundKreations and director of J’ouvert Playhouse. She continues to train in contemporary, Hip-hop, Caribbean, African and House dance. She received a diploma from Grant McEwan University, Edmonton, AB and a BA in Dance from the University of Calgary. Her passion for dance has brought her to Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Vancouver and England.

Professionally danced for Ballet Creole, Canboulay Dance Theatre, BravoFact videos directed by Seth Adrian Harris, Kristy Anthony, Whitney Cousins, Melanie Kloetzel and Jennifer Hammond. Nicole presented choreography in Dance at Noon/Night and Dance Montage, MPact- Something To Say, Invisible, The Cypher and currently Letters, Strange Change Dance Exchange, ONE 2013 and head choreographer Sci-Fi film Agophobia directed by Benjamin Hayden, The Calgary, AB workshop production of The Adventures of a Black Girl In Search of God, W.I.P. in Saskatoon, SK.

Nicole has completed an artist in residency in Trinidad and Tobago with New Waves Dance and Performance Institute and collaborated with Toronto choreographer Sharon Harvey in 2014. 



Melissa began her formal dance training at the age of three years old! She has trained in various forms of dance from ballet to hip hop. Her performance style consists of fusing her contemporary roots with her magnetic hip hop grooves.

She has worked on projects and shows in collaboration DJs, singers, rappers/MCs, dancers, videographers, and music producers. 

The external and internal growth she has experienced through dance and movement over the years has inspired her to share the same with others. She provides a cheerful and encouraging safe space for students to go out of their comfort zone and push past personal fears whilst integrating authenticity, confidence, connection, resiliency, vulnerability, and positive thinking.



Originally from Maracaibo (Venezuela), Moises grew up attached to his city’s traditions. Since the age of 9, Moises has played instrument in different Gaita bands (“Gaita” is a style of Venezuelan folk music from Maracaibo) and he has performed Venezuela’s traditional dances, such as Baile de Tambor, Merengue, and Joropo.

With 6 years of professional dance experience, Moises is an outstanding instructor known for his creative and fun choreography style, amazing footwork, and genuine and friendly way of teaching. In fact, Moises is recognized as one of Calgary’s best New York style salsa dancers. Distinguished by his sabor latino, amazing lead, and musicality on the dance floor. You can catch Moises at Latin festivals and dance congresses throughout our city either performing or competing.


Creative director

Creative Director of SoundKreations and SK InterACTIVE, Jordan has been a dancer, poet, and educator all of his life. He has had the honor of working with the biggest names in dance throughout Vancouver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. A featured instructor at Youth Write and one of four poets chosen to represent Calgary at the National Spoken Word Championships in Toronto, ON. Jordan has spent the last decade in the classroom and gymnasium creating and leading programs that keep students excited and engaged.


Manager of operations

Sonya is SoundKreations’ Operations Manager, Curriculum Consultant, Licensed Alberta Teacher, Dance and Physical Education Advocate!

Sonya found the love of movement, physical activity, and artistic expression at an early age as a competitive figure skater in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  She took a deep dive into sharing the passion for physical literacy by completing her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the University of Alberta, specializing in special and physical education.  Prior to joining the SoundKreations team, she gained 20 years experience teaching in K-6 classrooms as a classroom and physical education specialist with Rockyview Schools near Calgary, Alberta. She is an advocate for lifelong learning and is currently studying at Mount Royal University completing the Business Administration Human Resources Certificate.