Engaging Dance
Workshops for Schools and Homeschoolers

Engaging Dance Workshops
for Schools and Homeschoolers

"Hey! Curriculum-Connected-Resources! I want you to meet my friend, Cutting-Edge-Interactive-Technology"

Interactive Dance Workshops Created for Schools

National Core Arts Standards

Educator backed program designed to support:

  • Core Art Standards (US)
  • Provincial Curriculum Outcomes (Canada)
  • PE National Curriculum (UK)

Not your average school dance unit.

SK InterACTIVE are Video-Based Interactive Workshops that put the power to choose in the hands of the Learner.

In each Video Experience, on-screen Instructors invite Students (K-12) to make key decisions in the creation of their Dance Combo! All Workshops consist of 5 Cumulative Sessions (5-Days) packed with Fundamental Movement Skills, Dance Games, and Mindfulness Exercises.

Trusted by School Divisions across the Canada | US | UK | The World

Our team of Artists, Educators and Curriculum Consultants have been working within the school system for 15 years.

Always Relevant

Dance culture is a living and breathing phenomenon. Your students are there and so are we.

Age Appropriate

Music, Movements, and Instruction Style are age-appropriate for each grade level

SK InterActive In Gym

Set-up in minutes

We can’t all be tech wizards! Just hit “go” and let us lead your students in a remarkable InterACTIVE experience.

Student Buy-In

Student Engagement is our North Star and if it doesn’t receive consistent engagement from our students, we don’t offer it.

Access Anywhere
Access Anytime

In the Gym, Classroom, or at Home. Any time of year and as often as you’d like. Synchronously or Asynchronously.

Live Feedback

Book a Livestream check-in from a SoundKreations instructor to provide feedback, inspiration, and celebration.

Integrate with your
Online Classroom

Student Engagement is our North Star and if it doesn’t receive consistent engagement from our students, we don’t offer it.




Express your unique self in a way that invites others to join in! This is the world of Hip-Hop Party Moves!

“My students and their families LOVED the program. It was a nice way to break our online phys ed. work from this year and give them a unique and engaging experience.”

Acadia School

An above and beyond dance workshop! So glad that we had this resource this year.

William Reid School

The warmups you do are so well done. They connect so well to fundamental movements skills and important curriculum.

Heloise Lorimer School

Even the doubters got into it once we started going. The hip hop was super cool and it was a hook for kids. The dance games at the end were a hit as well when students made their own combos.

Prairie Waters School

Classes are loving it. I’ve been in every class since the beginning of the day. The kids are even dancing at recess outside.

St. Bede School